Airbrush Makeup

Fr. 180.00

Airbrush make-up is applied differently from normal make-up using a paint gun that creates a fine mist of color. The fine mist of color makes it possible to apply the make-up in a very thin layer.
The result is a natural appearance and an even complexion.
Airbrush make-up lasts longer than conventional foundation and is rain, smudge and sweat resistant.
It is at the same time a make-up that makes the skin radiant.



Fr. 150.00

Make-up with Hairstyling

Fr. 280.00         

For any occasion, I'll make you shine. This high quality makeup is best suited if you are invited for a wedding or any special occasion.


Day Makeup

Fr. 120.00

Make-up and  Hairstyling

Fr. 240.00            

Do you want a make-up for a job application photo, a company event or for everyday life?
everyday life, which brings your type to the best advantage? I conjure up a natural, light make-up for you.


Film, TV, shows and shooting

Half day (up to 4 hrs)

Price upon request                                       

Full day (up to 6 to 8 hrs)                                       

 Price upon request

Materials are not included in the price

Ex. False lashes, Rhine stone or hair accessories

Make-up tutorial
How do I use highlighter? How do I contour? How do I use concealer correctly? How do I apply makeup that suits my type? Do you have questions about makeup? Then book a make-up course for yourself or together with your friends. Also for a bachelorette party or a birthday party a suitable idea.

Fr. 120.00 per hr