GLAM EVOLUTION Scorpiojin Magazine

Our Glam Evolution series just published on ScorpioJin Magazine, a Magazine based in Miami, Florida (USA)
Photographed by Ralf Eyertt, who specializes on beauty, creative editorial, glamour, fashion and lifestyle photography. I have been working with Ralf for 3 years already. Our Model Vivienne Oesch  was a former candidate of Swizerland Next top Model in 2019.
I came with all the idea including preparations of the materials and the 3 of us worked well together to get these results. Thanks to these beautiful souls :-)


First set using Cozette eyeshadow

IMG_20200228_105941 1png Second set using rhinestones. Took me about 45 mins to glue them. 


Third set, from brown tone lips to red, and more rhinestones.

IMG_20200228_105637pngThis is the last set, I just add accesories for another transformation.