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(German Version)

I have enclosed English translation here on my blog for those non-german speaker.

Model: Switzerland Next Top Model candidate  Vivienne Oesch

Photo by Ralf Eyertt


Hazel eyes tend to alternate between the most beautiful shades of golden brown to a light green. This variance means that you have many options when it comes to eye shadow color and the best make-up shade. For this look I have chosen  rose gold, which goes into the dark red.
With this look you can emphasize the eyes strongly or simply use a mascara. To achieve a beautiful Glow, my motto is: All-in - I bet entirely on the Rouge/Highlighter palette. I accent the lips with a coral tone with a golden undertone."

Step 1
Before you start with make-up, it is essential that you moisturize the skin. I usually use a moisturizer, this ensures that the make-up can be applied well.
To achieve a glow effect, I apply an illuminator to the face - this way you get a radiant glow. Then I use a foundation, which I apply directly from the mixing palette to the skin with a foundation brush.
Start on one side of the face and work your way to the other side. Make sure that you apply the foundation with stroking movements downwards.


Step 2
Using a firm, round/flat synthetic brush, gently tap the concealer into the skin. Spread the concealer over it with rotating movements.
Get your eyebrows in shape.

Step 3
Prepare the eye area with an eye shadow primer. Then, with a flat brush, apply the rose gold eye shadow to the entire eyelid.
Using a precision brush, trace the lower lash line and crease with a medium dark red colour and blend upwards. The dark red eye shadow intensifies the eyes and gives the eyelid and the lower lash line more depth.
Apply eyeliner to the inner lid, complete the line by placing it on the outer eyelid and draw along the lash line to the inner corner of the eyelid.
Then apply mascara to the upper and lower lash line.


Step 4

To place the blush correctly, the model should smile in front of the mirror. Dab the rouge on the blush you saw when you smiled. Apply the creamy rouge with your fingers or a synthetic brush.
For the following powder, it is best to use a thick brush with soft, dense natural hair. Dip the brush into the powder, tap off the excess and then brush lightly over the face to set the foundation.

Step 5

Apply a light-coloured gloss or lipstick at the end.

Reslie Mundwiler

has been working part-time as a freelance make-up/hair stylist since 2013. In 2018 she was selected by L'Officiel Thailand as one of the make-up artists to do the celebrity make-up for the VIP guests of the exclusive fashion show of Jean Paul Gaultier and Giambastista Valli in Paris.
In 2020 she was part of the Paris Fashion Week with the L'Officiel Thailand team and was assigned the do the celebrity make-up for the VIP guests of Georges Hobeika.
Her ambition as a make-up artist is to emphasize the beauty and individuality of everyone - regardless of age and origin.